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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 2, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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other republicans. now the gloves are off? what is that? >> sean: it will be interesting. tomorrow, iowa k caucus. we'll be in new hampshire next week. special edition of "hannity" after the caucus. greta is next. >> greta: tonight 41% of iowa republicans are undecided. but they better decide fast. time is running out. in less than 22 hours the doors are open and the caucus goers will be asked for their decision. we have a big news show tonight. donald trump is here. is he ready to endorse just in time for iowa? you will find out. there is no question this is a nail-biter for republicans. dick morris, karl rove are here to tell you why. rnc chairmancnc chairman previs. with 41% right now undecided, have all the pundits just been
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guessing? could there be an iowa surprise tomorrow the there was in 2008. governor mike huckabee. he is here to go on the record tonight. that is ahead as we count down to the showdown in iowa. but first, rick perry wants the 41% undecided to convinc pi. he is pulling out the stops. took a 14-day bus tour across iowa and he joins us be des moines. good evening, sir. >> how are you. good evening. happy new year. >> greta: happy new year to you, too. would third or fourth place, would you consider that a win for you, sir? >> listen, we are in it to win it. that's like asking the dallas cowboys if they want to win the next football game? absolutely. anybody in this wants to win first place. i don't think anybody is running for second place. that is not the reason i got in it. iowanss are like texans.
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it's amazing last 14 days as we traveled across the state and hit the small towns and the big cities and talked to them about getting america working again. and the values that we share. i feel good about where we are. and where we are headed. >> all right. no doubt. i like first place, too. i like the win, too. but in this odd race, you know, third or fourth place might not be losing because if one bypasses for instance new hampshire and go straight to south carolina, and if you clean up in south carolina, it isn't so bad to have third or fourth. that may be considered a win. i'm trying to think strategically what your plan is. whether third or fourth is okay. iens you want to win first. would third or fourth be okay in the strategic plan? >> well, we're going to do everything we can. to win this thing. so as we go through the process, this is like a marathon. and you know, this isn't a sprint. tomorrow is not picking the
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nominee for the republican party. it's the first step in a long laborious process. we got a lot of campaigning to do. and a lot of america to see. a lot of vetting to do of the candidates. whether it's my friend rick santorum who is running as fiscal conservative but is the champion of earmarks and raised the debt ceiling eight times in the united states senate, i just don't think that republican voters once they get a real chance to take a look at rick's fiscal record they'll go you know what? maybe you are not the most fiscally conservative person up there. >> greta: you know, i'm curious, you say your friend rick santorum. i spent the day looking through a lot of things. one thing that your friend rick santorum has got season an ad from your campaign in which the headline why are the pigs so happy? it's sort of, i don't make reference to pigs about friends.
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>> rick santorum is a friend. he has a great family and i pray for his daughter bella every night, as a matter of fact. there is a real difference. and i am able to make that difference between a competitor and a friend. rick is both of those. >> greta: and a pig? a pig? >> i don't have a problem at all. in iowa, they love pigs. in iowa they love pigs. i love iowa pork. i don't like washington pork. >> greta: you don't like washington pork, but while you were governor of texas, got $3.4 billion worth of pork. so it must not have been too bad for you. >> well, my point is that our tax dollars that went up there for us not to try to get that money back in the state of texas would have, now that would have been irresponsible. here is the bottom line, greta. we know the earmarks are bad public policy. i'll scratch your back, you scratch my back. and then here is your project. the ones i'll give to you. that is what has run america
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in the ditch economically. time for an outsider to come to washington, d.c. and say you know enough of it. that is what i'm going to do. 're parks are dead when i come in -- earmarks are dead when i come in. i won't defend them. never have. it just won't happen. those that have been in washington so long they defend earmarks are part of the problem. that's the message. they are ready for somebody to step in washington, overhaul that place, and quit playing this, you know, game of corruption between wall street and washington that we are seen. nonsense and americans are tired of it. >> greta: the phrase i keep hearing throughout the campaign from everybody, whether it's pundits or candidates or cane cors everybody is talking about a "true conservative." what is that? >> well, true conservative is a person that hones to fiscal and social conservatism. from my perspective, you look
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at what ronald reagan was all about. he understood that you can't spend your way to prosperity. voting to raise the debt ceiling eight times as senator santorum did is not fiscally conservative. talking about being a movement conservative and voting for that much debt ceiling raised. that many earmarks. sorry, but that is not what i call a fiscal conservative. >> greta: all right. we go back to ronald reagan then. speaker gingrich always talks about how he worked with him. and admired him immensely, as many republicans do. is speaker gingrich a true conservative in your view? >> everybody has to run on your record. when you are the individual that came up with idea for individual health insurance, i don't think it's conservative. if you say i did it because it was better than hillary care it's still unconstitutional. you just got to stand up and
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say listen, if it's unconstitutional, it's still unconstitutional. and i don't think that's conservative. >> greta: you said today if ron paul becomes president we'll be living in the 1930s again, he'll bring the troops home and bring the fifth fleet back from the persian gulf. congressman michele bachmann said it would be dangerous if he became president. you are all closing in on him. if he -- the other thought, too, if you make him mad enough and he runs to the third party he will guarantee your ultimate opponent president obama is re-elected. your thoughts on congressman ron paul. >> i do disagree with him on the policies relative to his foreign policy statement. the idea that you say is it
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none of our business if iran has a nuclear weapon? they say they will wipe israel off the map and americans are next. that is not what we're interested in. if ron paul wants to run as a third party, that is his call. but americans need to have a president that is going to be strong from the stand point of getting our economy back in place. so that we can have the research and development to keep up with the countries like china. and make sure that iran and countries that are run by absolute terrorists that are exporting terror are stopped. >> greta: governor perry, good luck tomorrow. it will be a wild day with 41% undecided. >> is it going to be a great day. >> greta: i don't think anybody has any idea. any idea. >> i don't either. >> greta: anyway, good luck, sir. >> it will be a fun day. >> greta: we'll be watching. >> so long, greta. first lady says to tell you howdy. >> greta: tell her i said hello. if donald trump says to endorse before the iowa
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caucus, he better hurry up. right now may be his last chance for preiowa caucus endorsement. donald trump joins us by phone. good evening, sir. you said so often that your endorsement is powerful. on the eve of 22 hour aceway from doors opening, are you interested in endorsing a candidate? >> not at this moment, greta. i'll be maybe making that decision soon. i have not decided as of this moment to endorse anybody. >> greta: all right. there is a report today that you are even considering, still considering running. is that still in the mix? >> there is a group of people, large group of people that want me to. they did some filing or something out in texas because you had to have it filed prior to january 1. i'm honored by that. but it's nothing that i have been involved in. we'll see what happens. >> greta: i'll fill in the blanks. the texas activists filed paperwork to create the "make america great again" party. and with the single purpose to
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encourage you to run for president. >> well, i do love the name. the name of the party is fantastic. that really is what it is all about. america soon will not be great. a lot of people would say right now it is not great. if you look at what is happening in the world. what is happening with the other countries. they are eating our lunch. we don't have leadership. the name is a great name. >> greta: what is your assessment of what is going on in iowa, vitriol with the candidates transpresence of the super pac that added fuel to vitriol. >> a little bit but to a certain extent it is playing in obama's hands because the level of dislike, you know, i just listened to rick perry talking about his friend and, you know, they're all friends. they all talk about friends, friends, friends. but they're not friends. they are doing negative campaigning. it really plays in the hands
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of obama to a certain extent. that is what we can't allow. we can't allow obama to win. this country has been set back so far. under his leadership or lack of leadership. we cannot allow it to happen. >> greta: governor sarah palin was on the air earlier today and she had this to say about you. curious what you think about it. let me play what she said first. >> donald trump has a lot to offer. he is a businessman. he understands that government overreach quashes the ability for him and others to create jobs for the rest of us. who so desire to make it on our own and not to look to government to make it for us. you know, for those who continued to sut down donald trump, i say enough is enough. shut up about it. don't vote for him if he is a third party candidate. work harder for your candidate. >> greta: two things. one, you have an ally. she is a fan. secondly, she is hinting if
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you run as third party candidate, of course, then that leads to the problem if there is a third party candidate is that playing in the democratic playbook and guaranteeing a democratic win in november? >> well, first of all, she is a terrific person. i have gotten know her and she loves this country. she is really anmazing woman. i have a lot of respect for her, so i appreciate her words. it was leading in the polls when i left. when i decided that i wouldn't run as a republican. i was leading in the polls. and leading even substantially in the polls. that was literally as aleft. i was watching "meet the press" one of your slight competitors. i was leading in the polls. then the next day i said i am going to be doing what i'm going to be doing. so it's interesting. i have a lot of people that i don't know if they like me. i think they like what i'm saying. they don't want to be ripped off by the world. we're a whipping buzz for opec and china, india and anybody that does business. we used to be the kings. and we're not the kings
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anymore. >> greta: do you regret pulling out tonight as you watch on the eve of the caucus and you see everyone sort of running around the state and convince vote torres vote for them and blood on the floor in the process? do you wish you stayed in a little bit? >> people don't realizevy a legal responsibility. i have a successful show. if you haven't, it's very unfair because obama can go around and do television programs, can fly around in air force one, raise funds and using our money raise funds for his own campaign, the only thing he is good at. frankly, it's unfair. because i have a show called "the apprentice" i'm not allowed to run. equal time provision. i'm not allowed to run. i would haven't been allowed to run as a republican because of the show. as you know. >> greta: are you taking this dead serious? or are you just playing with people in terms of the intrigue, because you have a lot of power or are you really
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in your mind set serious about considering running as an independent? >> as i said to you and others, greta, if the republicans pick the wrong candidate, which is a possibility. >> greta: what is that? what is that? >> we'll see very soon. if it's the wrong candidate in my opinion. the biggest thing hate to be a candidate that can beat obama. if that candidate is in the going to any n my opinion beat obama and continues to be bad, which i think it will be, because we have no leadership whatsoever, i will consider it strongly. >> greta: in terms of the group of candidates running now is there any republican candidate running in iowa now, who you think can't beat president obama? >> absolutely. >> greta: who can't beat president obama? >> i don't think ron paul has even a little chance of beating him. >> greta: anyone else? >> the fact that he is doing
10:15 pm
so well in the polls -- i can't imagine he does well. but if he won it would be a tremendous black eye for iowa. i really think it would bring iowa down as the first great state in terms of the process. i really think it would be very, very bad thing for reputation of iowa. >> greta: is there any other candidate who you think couldn't beat president obama in november? >> yes, but i'm not going to mention the names of them. >> greta: give me a hint. >> i'd rather be positive. let's see what happens. at a certain point in the fairly near future i will be letting my views be known. but certainly there are some i think could win and some i think could not win. >> greta: all right. one last question along the line and i'll stop beating a dead horse. you say ron paul. you say there are others. would have many more of the others do you think couldn't beat president obama out of universe are running? ingly don't want to make a big deal. i don't think ron paul has a little chance. i don't think he will run as
10:16 pm
third party candidate. i don't think his son could allow that. >> greta: with 41% undecided tonight, do you think it's fair to say nobody knows who will win tomorrow night? >> it's probably true. it's like a bunch of yo-yos in terms of it goes up and goes down. one person is leading. go from 1%. whether you like rick santorum or not, i mean he never gives up. i write books about never give up, never quit, never, ever, ever quit. he never quit. it's amazing when you look at what happened. i'm not saying love him, like him or anything else but he never quit. you see someone going from 1% to being number three is unstable process. no question about it. >> greta: are you staying up to midnight to watch the special live on the record tomorrow night? >> greta: only if you are on the show. i am. we'll have a lot of coffee. see you at midnight. thank you, donald. >> so long, greta. >> greta: straight ahead, what is going to happen in iowa in 22 hours? we know 41% of the republican
10:17 pm
voters are still undecided. so what does dick morris think about that number? he is here next. also while the candidates are at each other's throats, rnc chair reince priebus is looking down the road and says the fight to beat obama starts tomorrow. what is the g.o.p. overall strategy this the chairman is here. karl rove is here and he goes on the record. that's all coming up. what's going on? we ordered a gift oine and we really need to do something with it... i'm just not sure what... what is it? oh just return it. returning gifts is easier than ever with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. plus i can pick it up for free. perfect because we have to get that outta this house. c'mon, it's not that... gahh, oh yeah that's gotta go... priority mail flat rate shipping starts at just $4.95. only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship and return.
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>> greta: well, you have seen the iowa poll numbers in the last few weeks and months but with 41% of the republican caucus goer undecided tonight, do k you trust the polls? what happened to candidates that don't come in one, two, or three? are they out?
10:21 pm
dick morris joins us. good evening, sir. 41% apparently undecided recently as saturday it was reported. so does that throw other polls out the window? >> many of the undecided don't go to caucuses. this is not just an easy vote to cast. you don't just walk in a voting booth and pull a leery. you have to go to a meeting. it's not two or three blocks from tour home but eight or 15, 20 minutes from your home. then you have to sit through an hour-long, hour-and-a-half long meeting. so it's not that easy to participate. really, i think what is going on now, greta, you have mitt romney's supporters, 25%. then you have ron paul supports, 20%. rest of the electorate5% doesn't want to vote for ron paul because of the crazy horrible foreign policy positions and they don't want to vote for romney because they worry about healthcare or
10:22 pm
even gel calls -- evangelicals who are suspicious of his religion. so 50% of the vote could vote for perry or gingrich or bachmann. would have voted for cain, might have voted for cain and now move to santorum. candidates are spongeable with voters. they could be for any of them. not romney or paul but any of the voters. so the momentum that santorum is showing is so significant i would not at all be surprised if he won. >> greta: interesting looking back at 2008. i realize it's a whole new game. last time around we didn't have an incumbent. but when you look at the republican line-up, governor romney came in second at 25%. start mccain who ultimately won the nomination had 13%. i'm curious. if governor romney doesn't get 25% this time, or beat his number is that a sign, does it tell us anything?
10:23 pm
>> no. not really. >> what you have to think of romney is he is the backdrop. backdrop scenery that everybody acceptable about but a lot of people that would like something different. don't like his religion. distrust romneycare. vote for him if he was the nominee and probably agree has the best shot against obama. then you have meet yores that go up -- meteors that go up. some didn't run. bachmann, perry, cain and gingrich. now santorum. at system point the meteor flame out and you are left with romney. that is dynamic likely to take place here. >> greta: in light of the fact you said not everyone in the 41% shows up in caucus. curious, is it even -- when you look another the caucus tomorrow, is that is there a certain die familiaric it to that you need a good ground game to get people to drive to caucus so that people in some ways, you know, sort of, not
10:24 pm
even able to estimate what is going to happen because we don't know the extent of people's ground games? >> yes. romney needs a good ground game. he has got it. ron paul needs one. i guess he has got it. santorum doesn't need a ground game. >> greta: can i interrupt you for one second. we've just got pictures now from hawaii. the president is wrapping up the hawaiien vacation and headed to air force one. a long fly, flying all night long. that is a live picture of the president. having arrived at joint base pearl harbor hickum. we can see the beautiful 747. i love air force one. the president spent the holidays with his family in hawaii. he is expected back tomorrow morning in washington. back to the white house hours before the g.o.p. candidate square off in iowa. go ahead, dick. >> the nice thing about that, when he goes for his annual vacation in hawaii in 2012, he
10:25 pm
will go go back to washington for the last time. >> greta: ouch. he has a lot of moneyment we will talk with reince priebus the head of the rnc. i think money -- go ahead. >> i don't think money matters much with inan incumbent president. we all have our opinions of him. there is something significant, which is that when you look at the rasmussen polling data. the only republican candidate ahead of obama now is mitt romney. the only one. santorum, gingrich, perry, bachmann, ron paul is the worst. he loses to obama by almost 20 points. at some point you have to say if you are voting for ron paul and the caucus is tomorrow, you are voting for barack obama. because if paul were the nominee, there wouldn't a prayer he could defeat obama. big argument for romney is the fact that he is the only one that is ahead of him in the
10:26 pm
poll. santorum is showing momentum and he will finish strong. i hope that what happens is that ron paul is marginalized in this race. because he would be such ady saster for republican party. and then i hope romney and santorum move down the road. i think gingrich may lose tomorrow. and may lose in new hampshire. but i would not count him out. newt will rise again. i think may well win south carolina. where ron paul's social views are not acceptable. they don't like mormons much. i think they may at that point want somebody like gingrich. so i don't think gingrich is out of it. but i hope it becomes a good race -- >> i got to run. but i will say that the gingrich, speaker gingrich said today i won't win in iowa. but it may be lowering expectations. dick, thank you. it will be an interesting 22, 24 hours. thank you, sick. >> sure. thanks. >> greta: coming up, rnc chairman, the man in charge of
10:27 pm
the entire republican national committee. prieb priebus. he says the fight to unseat president obama officially beginning tomorrow. that fight is already getting ugly. in fact, it's getting really ugly. chairman priebus goes on the record. with 41% undecided anything can happen in iowa tomorrow. karl rove deep in contested campaign in iowa is here next. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents: the cold truth.
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>> greta: according to the des moines register, 41% of the iowa republican caw cushion goers are undecided. now that -- caucus goers are undecided. with 41% undecided can any candidate feel confident right now? karl rove is here with his predictions. good evening. >> good evening. how are you? >> i'm very well. karl, 41%, that sounds high to me and i realize not everyone will show up to caucus. but that seems uncertainty to me. >> there has been a volatile election. but let's be a little careful about that number. a lot of people particularly
10:31 pm
in the early states like to remain undecided until the end. though they privately have a way they are leaning. in polling sometimes you get the answer that people think that you want them to give. not the answer they want to give. frankly -- >> even if it's that. even if it's that, we don't know what the answer is. so to the extent we don't know what the answer is or can't packer in a fold to get any idea. that is the problem. they may not really be undecided but they are not telling. that is the problem. >> it's a volatile elec and unpredictable. we are coming down to when the volting begins tomorrow night in iowa, it's coin toss. too close to call. where are we and where have been we? we have an astonishing finish here. if you look at six polls done since christmas in the real clear politics average, and
10:32 pm
five of six of the polls romney is ahead by an average of 22.8%. >> greta: nationally or in iowa? >> in iowa. in iowa. >> greta: okay. >> in second place, 21.5, ron paul led in one of the six polls that go in the real clear politics average. in third place, in all poll is rick santorum. at 16.3, follow by newt at 13.7. rick perry at 11.5. at the top of it, romney and paul, you really, that is too close to call. that is well within the margin of error. each one of them has an organization. each has a group of supporters. those for ron paul will be more passionate. too close to call. if you look at the poll, romney first, paul second, santorum third. my gut tells me we have an
10:33 pm
interesting dynamic going on here. with rick santorum on the march in the last couple of days. we have ron paul maybe peaked. i talked to rather smart observer of iowa to ticks that i've known for a long time who has good judgment on these matters and they suggest that maybe president obama foreign policy view in last 48 to 72 hours, you know, have hurt him. in fact, he tweeted today an attack on abraham lincoln for taking the country to war and presiding over the death of half a million americans. and having suspended the right of habeas corpus. as my friend mike gerson, columnist for "washington post" and colleague said is he suggesting that john wilks booth had a legitimate arguement to make? pretty astonishing tweet from
10:34 pm
ron paul. >> greta: maybe in the last five days, i noticed that the candidates are zeroing in on ron paul. not so much on governor romney. it's like using words like he is dangerous, going to take us back to 1930s. i would have thought they would have let him play out. and move on to new hampshire. but they are really zeroing in on him. am i wrong? >> that is because of the nature of the iowa process. they recognize that there are two group of ron paul supports. hard money crowd that hates the federal reserve. deeply concerned about the deficit, debt and spending and wants the government to be smaller. the antiwar isolationists left. you have gone so far right you end up on the left. the former they want to get in their camp. they can't apport to let the people float off under ron paul. they want to get them back in their camp in order to give themselves a ticket out of iowa. that is why the candidates, gingrich, perry, santorum have
10:35 pm
been hitting paul so hard. it's also interesting comment on so far this season people have been relatively inf ineffective make an attack on romney. up on within hand that is an advantage to romney because they try to lay a glove on him and they haven't. on the other hand, he hasn't had to confront the issues on a way he has to confront them in the general election. you know, it has helped him in the primary but i hope his team is thinking about the attack that might have been in the primary and how they will respond to them in the general election. >> greta: now a question of two do you like sub stanively, who do you agree with and who is your candidate. curious, from a strategic, look at their background and their talln't and shortcoming who is the strongest political candidate going in the election? >> i trust the judgment of the polls of republicans more than i trust anybody, any single
10:36 pm
person's judgment. that has been romney who has been the candidate performed well -- >> greta: do you agree with that? >> i have to say,vy been surprised, his debate performances have been consistently good. he is taking blows coming his way. maintained his equal librium and kept poe cuss on obama at the end. one of the interesting things you saw tonight in your earlier interview with governor perry, some candidate like perry and romney keep most of the focus on issue. governor perry's case, making the government, the federal government basically in the minds of most americans. romney is emphasizing i'm a conservative businessman that knows how to keyate jobs. what is interesting, the last couple of days, several candidate got in process story. speaker gingrich spent time talking about how he has been treated unfairly.
10:37 pm
well, that might be an effective way to end the campaign, but only if you give it substance. saying i have been on the receiving end of a negative television ads ads if you get stuck in the prose as an issue message safe. what you will about ron paul. he is not talking about the polls. he talking about auditing the fed. withdrawing america's troops. you know, from around the world. and reducing the government to, you know, very narrow small list of things that it should do. at the end of the day, message candidate do better than the process candidate coming down the stretch. >> greta: karl, thank you. interesting, i hope you will be up at midnight watching the special live show tomorrow, you will be, right? >> i will be. >> i knew i could count on you. coming up, thank you, karl. coming um, fight among the
10:38 pm
g.o.p. candidate may be nasty. did you hear what the republican national committee is doing to get ready for the battle against president obama? they will make the first move tomorrow. what is it? the rnc chair reince priebus is here and he is next. winning in iowa, governor mike huckabee knows what it takes. he he won it four years ago. but there are always surprises. he knows that as well. and he will join us coming up. s. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough. now i'm eating healthier, exercising more, taking lipitor. numbers don't lie. my cholesterol's stayed down. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. it's backed by over 19 yes of research. [ femalannouncer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems.
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>> priebus is here in 60 seconds but first go to new york newsroom where ainsley earnhardt is standing by. >> police confirming they found the body of a suspect that killed a ranger at the mount hay neamount rainier nati. police say he was in the park after a shooting at newier's eve party where four people were wounded. investigators say the 34-year-old ranger margaret anderson stopped his car at a roadblock. l.a. authorities preparing to file arson charges against that man who allegedly set cars on fire in and around the city. the suspect harry burkeheart is held on $250,000 bail and say he resembles a person of interest captured on the surveillance video. he was arrested earlier today. 53 suspicious fires have been set since friday. mostly parked cars estimated at $2 million. back to greta. >> greta: right now there is blood on the floor in iowa as
10:43 pm
the republican candidates dual each other. at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, iowa voters kick off the nominating process. but one leader says the first votes are not just for the republican candidate. today, rnc chairman reince priebus post on facebook 2012 is finally here and tomorrow the fight to defeat barack obama officially begins with the first votes cast against him in iowa. we are one step closer to remove him from office and elect republican presence this year. chairman priebus joins us. good evening, sir. >> hey, how are you, greta? >> greta: i am very well. thank you. you look at this much differently than the candidates. you have a big picture look at this. you are head of the rnc. tell me what is your strategy for defeating president obama, since that is the goal in the general election. you have don't have a candidate but tell me what the strategy is. >> there is a lot as far as strategy. you need to move and change the focus if you need to. but overall, the president has
10:44 pm
given us material to work with. the words coming out of barack obama's mouth will be used against him. it is a standard that barack obama set for himself. if we hold obama standard he put out there himself when it comes to the economy, comes to the jobs, when it comes to the promises that he made to the iowa voters. four years ago, he promised the voters in iowa and this country a fairy tale. tomorrow morning, what we'll do all the time, we will stop the president everywhere he goes. his words come out of his mouth with videos, text messages. earned media, bought media, whatever it takes. we'll start tomorrow. we have a video that comes out tomorrow with the speech, the words he said in iowa and what has developed since the words were said in iowa for this country. everything he promised us turned out to be not true,
10:45 pm
greta. >> greta: all right. i'm curious in the event, right now the candidates are going at congressman ron paul pretty aggressively. i don't know what is going to happen to him. let's say hypothetically, he does get the nomination. i don't think it will happen. but that he get angry and runs as a third party candidate. ross perot had 20% in '92 and cost the republican party, george w. bush a second term. do you have any sort of plan to sort of keep him a little bit within the tent? they are going after him heavily and aggressively. >> i'm not concerned about that, greta. i think that ron paul is a good republican. the primary race starts tomorrow. we have a road to 1200 approximately delegates that are needed for a republican nominee for the national
10:46 pm
convention. iowa starts tomorrow. a nonbinding caucus, in fact. then we go to new hampshire and south carolina. obviously to nevada in february. this is just the start. we need to treat it as that. it is important. this is no longer -- go ahead. sorry. >> greta: how about money? how is yr money doing? >> money is great. at the end of november we had more cash on hand than the democratic national committee. and that is saying something. when you have the campaigner in chief out every night raising money. he's the one thing he can do well. that is campaign. raise money. yet the republican national committee has more cash in bank than the democratic national committee. it's remarkable. it's because people know that this election is no longer about republican or democrat. this is about the very idea of
10:47 pm
america. the idea of america has taken the election and this president seems intent on squandering the very idea of what makes america great. we are going to be here every day to stop him and we'll beat him in 2012 and save the great country. >> greta: thank you for join us. i hope you are up at midnight for the special live show tomorrow night. get some coffee. >> i will be glued to it. >> greta: thank you. tell all of your friends. not a lot of people rup at midnight. >> we'll put out you on multiple tvs for you. >> greta: i appreciate that. straight ahead. a stunner in iowa. governor mike huckabee, the big winner against governor mitt romney in the caucuses but that was four years ago. what about tomorrow in iowa? governor huckabee is here to tell us next.
10:48 pm
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10:51 pm
you know, i wasn't sure that i would ever be able to love a state as much as i lovemy home state of arkansas. but tonight, i love iowa a whole lot. [ applause ] >> greta: now that was a surprise iowa caucus upset for governor huckabee in 2008. so what does he think is in store for tomorrow? governor huckabee joins us by phone. good evening, sir. >> hello, gretament happy new year. >> greta: happy new year. i bet listening to the tape of four years ago is fun for you. i'm curious what you think
10:52 pm
about tomorrow. >> well, looking to be a big turn-out. that is what we are going to expect. i think it's also going to be a surprise. several weekses ago i was laughed at for saying i thought rick santorum might have a surprising finish. nobody is laughing now because he is going to have a surprising finish. he surged in the last few weeks. >> greta: he is a lot like you, he mirrors you in 2008. he is popular with the social conservatives. that is when you had the surge. you have won. but it was the six week you started to pick up steam. >> a lot of what has happened is the people of iowa, very conservative, they also vote their hearts not just what the polls tell them they should do. they have a real responsibility, that the whole world is watching how they vote. they know they can influence not so much just who goes forward. they have a big influence on who ends up having to put the brakes on the candidacy. if you think about that, that
10:53 pm
is what is happening in iowa right now. >> greta: you won iowa and things didn't work out so well. if senator rick santorum follows your path, that isn't particularly, that is not the direction he wants. >> let me argue that that is not the case at all. it was iowa that took me from nobody is taking me seriously to being a top contender to finish third in new hampshire when no one thought i would place. barely losing in south carolina. and going on to win every place from west virginia georgia, alabama, tennessee, louisiana, kansas, arkansas, host of states on super tuesday. it lasted longer than romney. came in second to mccain. nobody thought that was going to be case. so i think if it hadn't been for iowa, and what has happened if we had had a little more money, and if fred thompson hadn't been in south carolina, who knows what might have happened. so my point would be that we have a much longer and better run. coming in second would not have happened had it not been
10:54 pm
for the boost iowa gave us. >> greta: all right. well, tomorrow night, in our special live midnight show we have senator rick santorum as one of our guests. we'll see how he does tomorrow night. governor, as always, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. good to talk to you. >> greta: former senator rick santorum is swinging back at the critics. you will hear from him next. [ male announcer ] in bli, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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10:58 pm
about 24 hours and griff jenkins is live in des moines. >> let me give you a perspective here, we were at a santorum event earlier and spoke to a voter that said he could be persuaded by what he hears from rick santorum. we asked the senator how he feels about his rivals who are starting to attack him, take a look. >> you're being attacked in the campaign trail. and from different candidates. what do you make of it? >> these are folks that know that we've got momentum in this race and the energy and enthusiasm. they're panicked. you know? they've had lots of time to point out my foibles and decide that had all of a sudden, now, they're going to go issue a call that is false, talking about not being a strong supporter of the second amendment. how ridiculous is that? saying i'm not pro live. it's all of the most ridiculous things you want to hear. it's desperation politics.
10:59 pm
to get those robo calls know it's desperate people who has been i leader on the second skpaemt a leader on pro live issues. it tells you how desperate they are when they have to makeup things. >> what do you attribute to your snurj a week ago... >> you went surging here. >> there are similar events in des moines. i said you just wait, didn't i? that is what happened. >> how is he holding snup. >> doing great, thank you. >> how well does rick santorum has to do? giving you math about 120,000 should turn up and may expect it so. do the math. 41% will be 49,200 a game changer, anything near half or a portion of it. we'll be here if it goes deep into the night. >> thank you. and of course, we'll see you all again tomorrow night at midnight. got that?


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